Ghana: Who Cares About These Children On the Streets?

By Bill Graham in the Ghanaian Chronicle of  18 July 2008 posed the question above. Read on


The most important right of a child is ‘to be a child’, to have adults take responsibility for him until he can reasonably take care of himself.


Children are to look forward to their parents for the supply of their basic necessities of life. Hence, under both the Childrens Right and the Convention on the Right of the Child, parents have the responsibility for the supply to their wards the basic necessities of life.


The opposite however prevails in Ghana . Our streets are filled with children engaged in all sorts of trade. These children can be categorized into two: the ‘ordinary ‘ Ghanaian street child who lives and work on the street and the urban poor child, who survives daily on the street but still has some family ties.



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