The Day After…

It is a day after the news

A day after Ghana was shocked with the inevitable but unexpected

A day after the death of a of a ‘dead man’

Yes, he was pronounced dead before yesterday

Yet, he announced with a throt he was alive


It is a day after the news

A day after the events of the day that numbed many a loud mouth

A day after a very fast paced day of death, shock and an expedient and legally necessary replacement

A day after the day, in the history of parliament when no one heckled the new president

A day after the day, when men wept and were not ashamed to show grief


It is a day after the news

Today, drivers seemed much saner on the road

Today, the radio drums beat much slower and peacefully

Today, those who had prayed for the news seem to mourn

Today, those who thought it a nightmare, pinch themselves hard

Today, a nation truely mourns

Whether by pretence or for real

It is the day after the news

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